Autism Partnership Board

Role of the Autism Partnership Board

The adult autism strategy states that it is essential for adults with autism and parents/carers to be involved in the development of local services. It therefore recommends that each county set up a local autism partnership board (APB) that "brings together different organisations, services and stakeholders locally and sets a clear direction for improved services". (6.11-6.13).

Lancashire has its own Autism Partnership Board and the main board meetings are attended by between 15 – 20 named individuals. These individuals are adults with autism, parent-carers and professionals representing services.

This newly re-organised board also has several sub-committees who meet regularly to work through action plans and to raise issues and concerns that have been brought to their attention.

These sub-committees are: Communications and Engagement; Learning and Development; Diagnosis, Assessment and Support Planning; Young People; Education, Training & Employment; Criminal Justice; Parent/Carers.

Sub group members are representative of the geographical areas of Lancashire, the diversity of the spectrum and both male and female.

Our NAS branch has several members who sit on the main board and various sub groups. Details of these subgroups and access to minutes of the Board meetings can now be found on their own website.

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