Adults with autism

Adult support group

Adult support group

What is our Adult Social Group?

It is a support group run by volunteers of the NAS Lancaster and Morecambe branch for adults (18 years +) with Autism. Its purpose is;

  • To provide a safe and friendly social environment free from judgement
  • To provide social opportunities and activities
  • To foster the development of social confidence


When and where do the group meet?

10am-12pm on the 1st Friday of the month in Meeting room 1,  Friends Meeting house,  Lancaster, LA1 1TX. The building is close to the zebra crossing as you leave Lancaster train station to walk into town.

Members do not have to stay for the whole session and can come and go when they please.

What does the group do?

There will be refreshments available for a voluntary donation and members can read and borrow books from the library. Activities, events and guest speakers can be organised at the request of members. Each month members will discuss and plan what to do at the next session. Members can chat with the volunteers or other members but no pressure will be placed on anyone who doesn’t wish to interact.

Who can come to this group?

Adults with an official diagnosis of autism or currently in the process of requesting a diagnosis.

Adults who don't have (and don't wish to seek) a diagnosis will be welcome at our other information meetings. We will, however, open up this adult support group once a quarter to enable people to meet each other and to pass on any relevant information. Please check at the bottom of this page for dates of when these open meetings will occur.

All adults must be capable of attending independently as the volunteers are not able to offer any care or supervision. Members are more than welcome to bring a friend or relative for emotional support.

How do I join?

Members are requested to contact a volunteer before attending in order to ensure that it will be a suitable group for them. They will be asked to complete a registration form with some contact details and a short questionnaire to help us plan our activities.

Any questions should be directed to Gill Mann or Kizzy Felstead via e mail or by calling 07500 881 831

What the drop in sessions WILL NOT provide:

  • Counselling
  • 1:1 support/advice
  • Therapeutic interventions
  • Tailored sessions for an individual – the sessions are for a group and individuals may need to be flexible with their expectations

What can I expect from the group volunteers?

They will;

  • Adopt the National Autistic Society’s core values, policies and procedures and fairly represent the organisation
  • Do all they can to create a safe and welcoming environment for all those attending
  • Treat all other volunteers and members with respect. Any physical, emotional, verbal abuse or rudeness towards others will not be tolerated
  • Be visible. All volunteers will have a NAS T shirt and a badge showing that they are a volunteer so you know who you can get support from
  • Maintain confidentiality at all times
  • Be reliable. They will make it clear when and how they will be available and meet these expectations, or provide as much notice as possible if they cannot.
  • Respond to queries within the agreed time limits. This includes acknowledging all event bookings.
  • Listen to all member concerns and respond appropriately.

What will be expected of me when I attend the group?

I will;

  • Be patient and considerate to other members of the group.
  • Be respectful and be polite to other members of the group.
  • Not be verbally or physically aggressive towards any member of the group, a volunteer or the general public. Any aggression may lead to a suspension or exclusion from the group
  • Let the facilitator know if I am not able to come on an activity that I have asked to go on
  • Keep the facilitator informed of any medical problems they need to be aware of and any changes that may arise eg change of contact details
  • Return all forms that are sent to me to book an activity I would like to attend, otherwise there is a possibility that I will not have a place on that activity.
  • Stay with the group at all times when on an activity which is not at the Meeting room. If I want to leave early I will speak to a volunteer so they are not waiting for me to come back.
  • Agree to bring the correct amount of money for activities. I understand that the group cannot pay for any activity costs (unless previously agreed with the facilitator).

I understand that there will be a trial period of three months from the first visit of attending the social group. After this both the facilitator and I will review whether the group is suitable for my needs.  I understand that if I do not abide by the code of conduct I may not be able to attend group activities.

Meeting room one

Meeting dates for adult support group

The next adult support meeting will not be until Friday 7th October.